Ticket Broker Information

What is a ticket broker?

Many people ask what actually is a ticket broker? Well quite simply a ticket broker is a person that sells tickets to event that are normally sold out. Tickets that are sold by a ticket broker are normally priced above face value according to how hard it was to attain the actual ticket. Many people look down upon this practice but it is important to remember that although you may pay above face value on some tickets, other tickets can be priced far below face value. Ticket brokers will often pay a few in excess of face value in order to buy the tickets themselves.


  • Customer Service
  • Fast Delivery
  • Many Ticket Choices

Ticket Selection

Ticket brokers in general pride themselves in the selection of tickets they offer to their customers. If you were to go to a site like ticketmaster.com and try to find tickets to a hot event you would most likely not be able to find tickets that satisfy you. Part of the reason that tickets would be hard to find is that customers have already purchased those tickets in the primary marketplace as well as the fact that ticketmaster.com has started taking some of the best seats and offered them at a premium themselves, much like the fox guarding the hen house. Ticket agents are able to keep their ear to the ground and secure the best seats by monitoring the market and buying tickets when they become available.

Get Your Tickets Fast!

When you order tickets online from a ticket broker your order is usually processed much faster than it would be from a primary source such as tickets.com. The reason being in that ticket brokers focus primarily on customer service where a primary ticket seller is focusing on moving a large quantity of tickets. Most secondary market ticket sellers use Fedex as their main way to ship tickets as it is the fastest and most reliable.

Don't Get Left Out in the Cold!

If you watch the news you have probably seen fans waiting out overnight to secure the tickets to their favorite band or sports event. You will hear stories of how happy a fan was to get his/her tickets and then you will also hear the sad story of a fan waiting out overnight only to find out his event had sold out. Ticket brokers help remedy this dilemma by offering tickets to you without you having to miss work to camp out overnight.

The Power of the Best Ticket

If you are looking for the best birthday present consider buying a pair of tickets from a ticket broker. Unlike a tangible present, a ticket offers the recipient a unique experience they will most likely not forget. Tickets are often used in the corporate world to get to know clients and close deals. The influence the best seat in the house can have over a client is uncanny.

Ticket Broker = Ticket Scalper?

A common misconception is that ticket brokers are ticket scalpers, this is far from the truth. A ticket broker must adhere to strict laws enforced by the state where as a ticket scalper in general is selling tickets unlawfully. In most states ticket brokers are required to register and apply for a license to sell tickets in the secondary markets. They must also take an oath that they will only sell authentic tickets. If you decide to go down to the street and buy a ticket from a scalper you are running the risk that the tickets you purchase are invalid and you will be denied entry. Tickets purchased from a ticket broker are guaranteed authentic and if there is a problem with the tickets you will have definite recourse to get your money back.