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Red Sox tickets may be hard to come by everywhere else but not here. carries a vast supply of Red Sox tickets for every home and away game the Red Sox play. It doesn't matter if your looking for sox tickets for Fenway Park or Wrigley Field we have them. The Boston Red Sox are a Major League Baseball franchise competing in the Eastern Division of the American League. Their home stadium, Fenway Park, opened on April 20, 1912, making it the oldest major league ballpark still in operation, throughout the years Fenway has undergone major changes, now featuring seats on the famous Green Monster, on the right field wall. A right field roof deck restaurant style seating section, and a new Pavilion section. The Red Sox won the first World Series as the Boston Americans in 1903 against the Pittsburgh Pirates. They won their most recent World Series championship in 2004, after an 86-year interval, defeating the St. Louis Cardinals. Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz are responsible for years of tremendous sellouts of Fenway Park, making tickets hard to come by, and great seats being a thing to lust for in the Boston area. Please take a moment to browse our extensive inventory of Red Sox tickets while your here and please do not hesistate to call us if you have any questions in regards to buying red sox tickets or where to sit at Fenway Park. One of our knowledgable red sox ticket sales associates will be glad to assist you in making your ticket purchase to see a great baseball game.

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We have Red Sox tickets for every boston red sox game both home and away. We offer red sox bleachers, field box tickets and more at incredible prices. If you are looking to buy red sox tickets you have come to the right site. The Boston Red Sox have left Florida, Spring Training is now over and their ready to kick of the 2007 MLB season. The Boston Red Sox are once again going to take the field in the most beloved park in all of the MLB, Fenway Park. As always the Boston Red Sox have once again built upon the existing Fenway Park and have added on new features and new amenities that help keep the charm of Fenway, while at the same time providing a facility more up to the standards of today's MLB fans. Once again this year Green Monster tickets and Field Box seats are still highly sought after. Meanwhile just about every ticket in the park is highly sought after, considering the Red Sox continue to build on their streak of consecutive sellouts. Manager Terry Francona once again leads the team onto the field this year, with the approval of the players, the Red Sox front office and all the season ticket holders. Francona's laid back style of managing that differs from those managers across the league has certainly worked and been successful in Boston. He is out to prove that he can provide another World Series in Boston and that 2004 was not a one time deal. No matter how the season unfolds the Red Sox are one of the most popular teams around the country and tickets sell quickly when they are in town and in other cities throughout the league. The starting rotation has been announced and it includes some new faces as well as some familiar ones. Once again Curt Schilling is heading up the staff as the ace of the rotation. Schilling will be starting the Opening Day game against the Kansas City Royals, and will then hold the number one spot in the rotation. Schilling is followed up by Josh Beckett, last year Beckett proved to everyone including the Red Sox front office that he had what it takes to pitch in the American League. However, Beckett gave up a lot of home runs last season, and most believe that was due to his over use of his fastball. This year Beckett and catchers Jason Varitek and Doug Mirabelli will be working with Beckett to instill confidence in his other pitches. Following Beckett in the Red Sox rotation will be new comer Daisuke Matsuzaka, Dice-K as Red Sox fans and teammates have named him will be having a lot of work ahead of him as he starts his first season in the MLB. Daisuke is going to be working on understanding catcher Jason Varitek and vice versa. Two different schools of thought seem to be prevalent when discussing Matsuzaka's first season in the American League, one school believes he will struggle with his game, having a hard time adjusting to Major League Baseball caliber pitchers. They believe Matsuzaka will have a hard time dealing with the amount of seasoned hitters in the league, as they are tougher than the batters in Japanese baseball. The other school of thought believes that Matsuzaka will have an outstanding season, as MLB hitters have not dealt with his pitching before, and they will take a season to adjust to Matsuzaka's pitching style and variety of pitches. No one knows which philosophy will stay true, however everyone believes it will be an interesting time watching it unfold. Pitching in the fourth spot in the Boston Red Sox rotation will be veteran knuckle-baller Tim Wakefield. Wakefield has been a steady arm in the rotation for over ten seasons now with the Red Sox and he is looking to come out of the gate and improve on his numbers from last year. However, with the unpredictable nature of the knuckleball, even Wakefield does not know what will happen when the ball leaves his hand. Unlike last year, Wakefield has veteran backup catcher Doug Mirabelli with him for the start of this season, and their working arrangement between the two players has provided Wakefield with that much more confidence each and every time he takes the mound. In the fifth spot of the rotation is going to be Julian Tavarez. Tavarez surprised many last year with his late season spot starts and his success in those appearances earned him the opportunity to start in the fifth spot of the Red Sox rotation this year. Julian is an unpredictable pitcher who has plenty of pitches and plenty of pitching know-how. Many believe he will thrive in this roll as he struggled in the bullpen last year. The Red Sox are looking to please the fans sitting in the bleachers this year with a new and improved bullpen staff that looks to perform better than last years. After much speculation and medical exams by team physicians, Jonathon Papelbon will once again be anchoring the bullpen as he will once again be assuming the closing roll for the Red Sox. Physicians have assured the Boston Red Sox that Papelbon's arm and shoulder are stronger than ever and he will have no physical problems handling the job this season. Behind Papelbon in the rotation are veteran setup men Mike Timlin and Brendon Donolley, both of whom have had major success in the Major League careers. Timlin is looking to improve upon last season and work through some minor injuries that have prevented him from showing his best stuff. Donolley on the other hand was brought in as a free agent. He pitched for the Los Angeles Angels last season and for the past few years has had great success out of the bullpen. Red Sox prospects, Manny Delcarmen and Craig Hansen are going to start the year in the minor league system however they will be working their way back up to the big leagues. The lineup for the Boston Red Sox looks different than last years however a good amount of players are returning to the club this year. Behind the plate catchers Jason Varitek and Doug Mirabelli are going to be controlling the pitching staff. Varitek will be making most of the starts behind the plate, while Mirabelli will be back there for all of Tim Wakefield's starts as well as an occasional extra day off for Varitek. Both catchers are looking to improve their hitting over last year's numbers as both struggled to hit above the .250 batting mark. Kevin Youkilis will be starting at first base this season. Last year, with the addition of Mike Lowell to the lineup, Youkilis moved to first base and he certainly played the position well. Youkilis is loved for his on base average and his ability to pick and choose the right pitches to swing at and take, and he provides a decent bat. Second base will be manned by Red Sox prospect Dustin Pedroia. Dustin looks to make a splash in his first full season in the major leagues, as his extraordinary defense have helped bring him up the MLB ladder. It is projected that Pedroia will turn into a good bat at the plate however he needs work and will have to adjust to the riggers of everyday hitting in the Major League. The shortstop position brings another new comer to the Red Sox roster, as free agent acquisition Julio Lugo will be debuting with the Sox. Many believe the Red Sox have been after Lugo for many years now as they have tried to solve the revolving door of players that have manned second base for them over the past ten years. Lugo brings a more powerful bat and a better swing than a lot of the recent Red Sox shortstops and he will be able to bat leadoff, a great advantage to bringing in Lugo this season. This season marks the second season for Mike Lowell at third base, as he came with Josh Beckett from the Florida Marlins before last season. Lowell's combination of great defense and a good bat coupled with his professional attitude make him valuable to any team in the Majors. Lowell's double power provided the Red Sox with a good amount of run support last season and he is a valuable part of the club. In the outfield new Red Sox right fielder J.D. Drew will be coming to Boston to add some power to the lineup and a nice bat to bat behind David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez. J.D. Drew has been a premier player in the league for a number of years. The Red Sox believe he is their ticket to providing protection to the four and five hole hitters. Drew has battled some injury problems over the past couple years and is looking to play a production healthy season for the Sox. Centerfield Coco Crisp returns this year to prove everyone that last year was certainly not the type of baseball he plays. While the Sox did get some excellent fielding and some speed out of Crisp last year, he was hampered by thumb problems that many believe drained his swing and hurt his batting abilities. The ever popular Manny Ramirez will be returning once again this year in left field. Always in question is Manny's desire to play in Boston, however he has recently assured everyone that he will be giving his usually 110% this season and there are no queries he wants to play in Boston. Manny is perennial 100 RBI guy and his bat is sure to never disappoint. He is looked at by many to work the hardest on his batting and is known to put in extra time fine tuning his swing. Designated hitter David Ortiz looks to top his club record home running hitting season this year. David is looked at as the heart and soul of both the team and the lineup and he is sure to never disappoint the fans. Many season ticket holders spend their summer evenings looking in the sky as Ortiz's multiple home runs come crashing down over the walls. In the Dugout, backup infielder Alex Cora returns with his superb glove and is ready and able to provide days off for the starters as well as help out the load on the youn Pedroia by starting some games at second base. Outfielder Willy Mo Pena is on hand to get some starts in different outfield positions, and his swing is certainly one of the most powerful on the team. The 2007 Boston Red Sox are shaping up to be a very successful club and sure going to be fun to watch. can provide you with all your Red Sox tickets to the upcoming season. We also have a ton more information on the Boston Red Sox and all the other teams around Major League Baseball. Get your seats today! Red Sox tickets are tough to get but when you have TicketDugout by your side its an easy process.